Veneficia Publishing is a small independent Dorset, U.K. based publisher owned by Diane Narraway & Cheryl Waldron, and dedicated to providing quality publications.

As publishers, we specialise in but are not limited to magickal, pagan, heathen, and occult works.  We also publish fiction/dark fiction, nonfiction, journals, poetry, fantasy/sci-fi, children's books as well as magickal, pagan, heathen and occult works.  If we accept your MSS for publishing then we work with you as editors and proof readers at no additional cost to our free quotation. 

We will pay royalties at 10% per book for the first 5,000 copies sold and 13% per book thereafter, with a view to increasing to 15% if book sales remain constant. This may fluctuate due to both predicted and unpredicted market performance.



As editors, we offer fixed fee services and free quotes.  As writers, we know the importance of good editing and proof reading.


All our services involve working alongside the author to provide a polished MSS ready for publishing. 



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