Voices from the Ashes : Resurrecting the Wytch has been a true labour of love for all involved. It is an anthology of short stories that focuses on those tried as witches. The intention being to dramatize the individual stories, bringing to life  the individuals involved. In many cases precious little is known of the men and women behind the accusations and trials, and this anthology breathes fresh life into what has, for far too long been little more than a list of names. 
         All the stories blend known historical facts (where applicable) with fiction, to bring you a heartfelt look at the lives of just some of the many tried for their beliefs or unorthodox behaviours. This book spans centuries, various countries and cultures and includes men, women, and children. It is in many ways an acknowledgement of their sacrifice and has been a journey for all involved. Sadly, even today people are still persecuted in many countries, with accusations of witchcraft being commonplace.
          The stories in this book are emotive, and we have no doubt that you will  scowl, smile, laugh and shed the odd tear. However, one thing we are very sure of, is that you will always remember them.


Voices from the Ashes: Resurrecting the Wytch


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